Jillian Michaels: Maximize Your Life Tour

Last week, my best friend and I celebrated our 21 Year Friend-iversary at the Jillian Michaels: Maximize Your Life tour. The show was at The Vet in Providence, RI. If you haven’t checked it out yet, I highly recommend it. It’s gorgeous on the inside and no seat is a bad seat (which is good, because we had nosebleeds).

I wasn’t sure what to expect from the show–would Jillian spend the entire time yelling at us? Making us do burpees? Would she make me cry? I didn’t know. I was really excited to see her, I’m a big Biggest Loser fan, and I highly recommend her show. During the show, she shares a mix of healthy eating and exercise tips and advice on how to follow your dreams. She’s very frank and upfront with the fact that she has made millions helping people do very simple things: Eat less, move more, follow your dreams.

I’ve recently sustained some injuries, but prior to that, I was a gym rat, half marathon runner and healthy eater–an avid healthy lifestyle live-r, if you will. I’ve never been one to eat all organic, and to be honest, I don’t know enough to speak intelligently about it. I always kind of rolled my eyes at those people. I try to eat a balanced diet, eat whole foods, and drink enough water–and try not to stress the rest. That being said, holy crap. Jillian showed us the difference between an organic cow and GMO cow and I was shocked. Literally was nauseous the entire time. She also told us which veggies are most important to get organic vs. which ones are OK to eat GMO. She recommended finding an extra $20 a week (that means no more Dunks runs for me!) for organic dairy and meat. I think it goes without saying I bought my chicken at Trader Joe’s this week. I also looked into getting an organic basket delivered to my home weekly, figuring I eat enough produce, it will probably be cheaper in the long run. When I looked up deliveries, some places had pears from France and mango’s from Mexico. So now, I ask you, is it better to shop local or organic? I need to do more research, but for now, I’m going to shoot for local and organic and try to make the best of it. The best part of being back up North is the great farming (I grew up in Connecticut farm country, so I’m partial to New England produce). Do you buy all organic? Or shop local? Or both?

One of the things that Jillian said that hit close to home for me was finding your true passion. I recently uprooted my entire life and have been in a bit of a tailspin since. Boston was not part of my plan, by any stretch of the imagination. Jillian recommends doing a consistent hourly check in throughout the day: What are you doing? How are you feeling? Do you like what you’re doing? Jot it down and keep a log. I’ve been doing that (admittedly, not every hour) but consistently enough to get a better idea of what I want to be doing in the future. Have you found your passion? How did you do it?

I don’t want to give all of Jillian’s tips away, so you’ll have to check her out yourself! (Sorry, y’all!) You can check out tour dates and purchase tickets here.

Aaand, in case you’re interested, below are a few photo’s of me and my best friend 😉




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