My Favorite Hidden Gem in Boston: Darwin’s, LTD.

darwinsDarwin’s is hands down, my favorite coffee shop in Boston (I know what you’re thinking, I’m cheating on Dunks? Yes, it’s true.) Darwin’s is my favorite place to spend a Sunday reading a book on my new Kindle Fire (Thanks, Mom!), journaling, and people watching.  The coffee is so yummy (I’m a fan of their latte’s) and their sandwiches are amazing too. The price is fair for what you get, and the service is always friendly. Get there early or it’ll be tough to find a seat!

There are two locations: one on Cambridge Street & one on Mount Auburn Street. I prefer the Cambridge Street location (more street parking) and the library across the street has underground parking for $1/hour if you need it. There is also more seating inside vs. the Mount Auburn location.

If you’re in the area, please check it out–and grab a Florentine cookie while you’re there–they’re to die for!


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