Happy Two Year Anniversary!

Hello, dear readers! Today, I am celebrating two years with my favorite furball, Peanut.





So cute, right? You know what’s not so cute? When he ran away for six weeks. What makes it worse? I was on my way to Boston, not for a vacation…as in moving there. As in literally on.my.way. Bags were packed, I was sobbing hysterically…I ran inside to drop off something at a friend’s…and in the 5 minutes I was inside, he got out of his carrier. It took six weeks, a lot of Facebooking photos around and a lot of praying…but he is now snuggled next to me as I type. How did we find him? A neighbor started feeing him and then (luckily) saw the pictures that had been posted on Facebook. It took a week, three tries, and a quick flight to NYC…but he made it! Can you believe it?! We’re so lucky! Don’t worry, I’ve been sure to give him extra snuggles since he got back 😉 He’s so spoiled, it’s ridiculous! Couldn’t love him much more!


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